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There are, infact, many different forms of IPTV. These are like…

Online TV providers only.

TV network applications that provide both live TV and streaming video.

Online TV channels only.

Websites that provide free live TV.

Plugins or extensions for applications.

IPTV services by subscription to third parties.

Specific cases like Netflix or Amazon Prime even if they are not directly broadcasting are also part of the IPTV offer.

In a nut shell, IPTV applications permit you to watch TV using the Internet or an IP address for greater accuracy.
Is IPTV legal?

So the main question is about the legality of IPTV. The answer: “It depends.”

Let you and me go through some of the different types of IPTV we looked at in the previous section to mention if they are legal or not.

First, online TV providers naturally they are completely legal. All the channels are fully licensed from their respective sources.

The individual apps of TV networks and online TV channels are fully legal (Though it should br remembered that bypassing app and geographic restrictions are often against terms and conditions).

However, in the last three categories, that is, third party websites, plugins and subscription services, things are not fully clear. We cannot know properly which ones are legal and which are not.

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